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Nautilus Hyosung 7800D Upgradable to NBS

Future proof your ATM investment. The Nautilus Hyosung 7800D is a traditional through the wall ATM with the ability to upgrade when you are ready to a video assisted teller terminal with or without coin.

Since their debut a few years ago, Interactive Teller Terminals (ITMs) have become increasingly popular among financial institutions. FI’s like Chase and Bank of America are deploying Nautilus Hyosung terminals by the thousand, as part of a larger strategy to reinvent the branch. They choose Hyosung, because Hyosung ITMs are unique. Hyosung is really much more than an ITM. A more appropriate term is Assisted Teller Terminal.  An Assisted Teller Terminal performs the majority of transactions self service, just like a regular ATM. Video assisted transactions can be initiated by the customer if they need help. Or if there is a particular transaction that your FI would require to do via video. So unlike an ITM where every transaction is video assisted, the Hyosung will be able to offer your cardholders the same experience at a lower staffing investment. Large FI’s report that 80% of all transactions will be self service, and only 20% are video assisted on average. The 7800D is able to function as a traditional cash only ATM, a full function ATM (with Cash/ Check Acceptor) as well as perform more complex activities with the use of remote video assistance. It also can feature an ID Scanner, and Coin Dispenser allowing for a truly automated experience. This ATM is the through the wall version of the Hyosung MX 8800 New Banking Solution.  

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Nautilus Hyosung 7800D Upgradable to NBS

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