Learn how to buy an ATM machine with these simple steps. Its simple!

  1. Open a business bank account. If you already have a business, you can use an existing account. Lots of merchants use their Lotto account, since the lotto money is debited once a week, they can use the vault cash as “found money”. You can not run an ATM through a personal bank account, your account will get closed almost immediately when the banks see money being deposited each day.
  2. Find a reputable and experienced ATM Company who specializes in ATM sales, service and processing like ourselves. Best Products has over 18 year of experience and has experts that will direct you toward the most appropriate ATM hardware to fit your needs. Best Products will also make you fill out an application that is subject to sponsor bank approval. The sponsor bank is required to perform a credit check, an OFAC check, and a criminal background check on you and your company. Once approved, you are ready to make the purchase.
  3. Get your machine installed. Best Products performs nationwide ATM installations, and provides ATMs shipped direct to your door. Professional installation by a Best Products technician consists of bolting the ATM down, it may consist of running and communication cables to the ATM (cat 5 or phone line), programming the ATM, training you on its operation, and hanging any signs and ATM advertising materials.
  4. Monitor your ATM online and Keep it full. Best Products gives you a free website login, as well as mobile phone app to make managing your ATM simple. Most importantly, this tool will send you text or email alerts when the ATM is low on cash. Your number one job is to keep the ATM full of cash. No cash is like having no inventory on your shelves. If your ATM is constantly out of service- you will not generate repeat business.