Best Products provides you with four different ATM programs so you can benefit from having an ATM in your business.

Merchant Owned and Operated- Most Profitable $$$ – Most Popular

Our most popular option is the merchant owned and operated. With this option the merchant (you) buy or lease an ATM and you fill the ATM with your own cash (vault cash). You determine the surcharge and you keep all the income. This is our most popular option because if it makes sense for someone else to operate an ATM in your business- it makes sense for you to operate your own.

Merchant Assisted- More Profitable $$

This option is great for merchants who want to have the highest income, with the least capital outlay. In this option, Best Products provides the ATM and the merchant (you) fill the ATM with your own cash (vault cash).

Vault Cash Management- More Profitable $$

This option is popular among merchants with existing ATMs, with merchants that are running low on capital for vault cash and absentee owners who want to earn the most income- with out having to worry about managing the vault cash. In this option the merchant (you) own the ATM, and you pay us to vault it. Depending on your location we will charge a percentage of the transaction or a flat vaulting fee for armored services.

Free ATM Placement- Profitable $

This option is only available in Metropolitan NY and Long Island and select areas of the country. This is popular with merchants who do not want anything to do with owning or operating an ATM, but still want to have an ATM for their customers to use. In this option the merchant simply provides space, and we pay them a commission for allowing us to have an ATM in their business. The merchant’s income is determined by the surcharge amount and the number of surcharge withdrawals the ATM performs each month. The busier the ATM, the higher the commission. This option is typically what most ATM companies try to sell you on because the ATM company has the potential to make the most income.

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