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Hyosung 2800T ATM

Expected to be released Fall 2019, the Hyosung 2800T  is the successor to the 2700T platform. Designed to be weatherized, heavy duty, and high end – the New Nautilus Hyosung 2800T is expected to impress.

Some of the most notable bells and whistles on the Hyosung 2800T are the 12.1 color display, heat sensitive function keys, a large back lit topper, and lighted vault truly make this a well thought out and designed ATM machine – with an affordable price tag.

The Hyosung 2800T features an optional camera, vault space for up to three 2000 note removable cassettes, and hassle free Windows CE 6.0 platform.

What is our impression? We think its a nice machine that fills a gap between high end through the wall ATMs for financial institutions and non windows based retail ATMs. This ATM is perfectly suited for a cash dispense only bank or credit union application, as well as a retail business like convenience store. We love its capacity. For high volume locations, having the flexibility to hold up to 6,000 notes is a great feature. We love the display. It gives is a nice, clean modern look. We love that there is a sunlight viewable option! Woo Hoo! We love the factory installed camera option. Cameras are required for financial institutions in our state. We love the adjustable collar, that makes installation a breeze.

Be one of the first to get the New Nautilus Hyosung 2800T – Now accepting Pre-orders.

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Hyosung 2800T ATM

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