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Consumers demand payment options today more than ever before. Cash, credit cards, and mobile payment solutions are all equally important and are must haves for most successful businesses. However unlike cash – credit card and mobile payments acceptance can be quite a hassle. Best Products makes it simple by offering a complete line of credit card processing solutions for small and mid sized businesses. We specialize in solutions for convenience stores, deli’s, gas stations, pharmacies, hotels, bars & restaurants and other small retail shops where consumers demand alternative payment solutions in addition to cash.

Our Solutions

Payment Terminal

Payment terminals are the traditional method for accepting credit cards. You can swipe, dip or key transactions into the machine. These solutions are great for one register and can be coupled to a POS. Newer terminals offer Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to accept payments directly from a cell phone through apps like Apple Pay or Android Pay.

Point Of Sale System

A Point Of Sale (POS) system is similar to a terminal, but it is generally tailored to meet the needs of each business.
A salon POS, for example, might want to offer an appointment scheduling feature or a restaurant may have multiple order entry points as well as a printer in the kitchen.

Mobile Payments

Mobile devices can now accept payments in a variety of ways. The merchant can swipe or dip cards
with hardware plugged into their phone or tablet, transforming them into a formidable payment platform. They can also key enter transactions using an app or browser on the device.

Why Choose Best?

Since we started with ATMs in 1998, we heard nothing but horror stories from our customers that accepted credit cards. From unscrupulous contracts, never ending charge backs, over charging for processing to simple billing errors. Heck – we were on the other side of the fence and encouraged cash sales with our ATM programs to get away from this industry! For years, we didn’t want any part of the “evil credit card processing world”. We didn’t want to jeopardize the good reputation we had built in the ATM industry. That all changed when we were shopping for our own credit card acceptance solution. Our in depth ATM industry knowledge gave us an advantage. By knowing the basics of the industry, its positives and negatives – we knew we could do a better job for our customers.

So we started offering merchant processing solutions to our existing customers. Cash discount programs and zero fee merchant surcharge programs quickly gained traction. From there our reputation grew and we’ve become a trusted advisor in the industry. Whether you are a small business with one cash register, or a large chain- we’re here to help you navigate this rapidly evolving industry. By sharing our knowledge, providing unmatched customer service, transparent pricing, and offering a full line of solutions – we are sure we will exceed your expectations.