Check Encoders

MICR encoding gives you the power to manage workload and document workflow by providing MICR based documents upon demand. This enables you to move documents forward, reduce expenses, and charge backs. Print the entire MICR line or just the fields you need. Best Products offers a variety of MICR encoders capable of exception item, batch, proof of deposit and cash settlement processing.


Cost-effective digital check imaging can revolutionize your institution by reducing overhead, improving customer satisfaction, and enhancing workforce productivity. The passing of the “Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act” (Check 21) in October of 2004 allows institutions to further leverage the advantages of image processing by passing images of checks between institutions and dramatically lowering check handling costs. Now these competitive advantages — once limited by high system prices and technical complexity — can be yours.

Check Scanners

Best Products offers competitive pricing and service options for all major brands of check scanners. From single feed check scanners for small businesses to high speed, heavy duty scanners, we have the right check scanner for your business. We also offer custom software solutions for endorsing and image archiving checks.