Ever wonder how to buy your own ATM machine?

Currently there are over 500,000 ATMs in the United States, with over 25,000 located in New York City Alone. ATMs are so popular because of consumer demand. In retail locations, customers demand quick, convenient access to cash whenever and wherever. Consumers do not go to their banks the way they used too. In fact the latest buzz word in the financial equipment industry is branch transformation. Branch transformation is the implementation of smaller branches, utilizing automated systems to perform transactions, since bank branch traffic is at all time lows. In fact in 2014 it is estimated that over 70% of all ATM cash withdrawals are done through privately owned, non bank ATMs. Nowadays, customers do their banking in retail spaces. You too can capitalize on this increasing demand and buy your own ATM Machine.

So this is great. Customers aren’t going to the bank to get cash. Why buy your own ATM Machine? What’s in it for me?

1. Reduce credit card fees. On average our customers see a 25% reduction in credit card fees. By offering your customers an alternative payment …. cash, you will see more cash sales, versus credit card swipes. This is the number one reason why to buy your own ATM machine our customers tell us.

2. You Don’t Want to Accept Credit Cards, but you need a way to accept them.  Everyone wants cash right? But your customers keep coming in with plastic nowadays right? If you have a credit card terminal- you pay the processing fees. With an ATM, there are no processing fees. Plus the ATM accepts all credit, debit and check cards. You don’t need a credit card terminal if you have an ATM!

3. Your Customers Leave to Go Find an ATM. We hear this all the time in bars and restaurants. “They leave, and they don’t come back”. Your customers are more demanding than ever before…..they expect you to offer them the services they are used to having. They expect you to have an ATM, because they are used to using them.

4. You want to earn more income. In addition to earning surcharge revenue, you increase customer spending. ATM customers spend on average 25% more than non ATM customers. So if your average non- ATM customer spends $10- your ATM customers will spend $2.50 more, or $12.50. If you have 10 people use the ATM per day, that’s an extra $25 spent every day….or $750 per month. Buy your own ATM Machine today at 877-663-6128!

How to Buy your own ATM Machine? Its simple.

1. Pick out a location for the ATM that has an outlet, and a means of communication to the ATM (preferably internet or phone line). Buy you own ATM Machine from our online store!

2. Complete the application – call us today to apply at 877-663-6128

3. Keep money in the ATM.

Its as easy as that.

We ship the ATM to you, install it, provide you with signage, train you and your staff on how to operate it, and give you web access to monitor the ATMs performance from any computer or smart phone. Buy you own ATM Machine today by calling us at 877-663-6128. Call now.

Want an ATM but don’t want to own it?

If you would like an ATM but do not want anything to do with owning or operating it, we have a number of ATM programs available for you at no cost. Call us today at 877-663-6128 for details.

Hyosung Halo II ATM Machine