Drive Traffic to your Location with help from Best Products

Looking to increase foot traffic to your retail store? Best Products can help with a number of traffic generating programs designed to compliment most retail environments as well as financial institutions.

Surcharge Free ATM Networks

Studies show that up to 70% of consumers avoid ATMs that charge a surcharge. So how do you attract these consumers? By Incorporating a surcharge free ATM into your location. Best Products is part of four different surcharge free networks. Money Pass, Cu24, Accel and NYCE. By simply turning one or all of these networks, along with branding, your ATM will be advertised as a surcharge free location to cardholders. Your ATM will be added to the location list, and these customers will seek out your ATM. Studies have shown that implementing a surcharge free ATM can increase ATM volume by 50%. Would your business benefit if 50% more people walked in the door to use an ATM?

Some Advantages of Surcharge Free ATM Networks
  • Increase Foot Traffic – customers look for these locations
  • Attract “surcharge avoiding” customers who use surcharge free ATMs
  • Your ATM location being listed on the surcharge free networks website, mobile applications and maps
  • Increased foot traffic may lead to increased in-store sales

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Self Service Coin Redemption

Perfect for financial institutions, check cashers, grocery stores and even some larger convenience stores- self service Coin redemption can be a great traffic and revenue generator. There seems to be a never ending supply of spare change in circulation. You can provide a redemption service and charge your customers a small percentage for doing so. Typical charges in a grocery store are 10%, where typical charges in a financial institution are free for account holders, and 10% for non account holders. Almost anyone with a piggy bank will benefit from this service. Our average retail store in NYC generates about $500 a month in redemption revenue, plus they get to re-use the coin in house- saving them money vs ordering rolled coins from their bank. This can be a real win- win solution.

Some Advantages of Self Service Coin Redemption
  • Increase Foot Traffic by providing a valuable customer service
  • Always in huge demand
  • Generates income in charging redemption fees. Normally 10% of the deposit.
  • Get to re-use coin in house saving vs ordering coin from the bank

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EBT Programs

This solution is specifically designed for check cashers and is implemented to create repeat customers. Benefits recipients can access their full benefits with a dedicated EBT terminal from Best Products. So if someone has $195.05 in their account- they can receive the full disbursement from you- where if they went to an ATM they could only receive $180. They also generate surcharge revenue- same as an ATM. Typical fees are around $2. Our average check casher will earn around $300 per month in fees.

Some Advantages of EBT Programs
  • Increase Foot Traffic by accessing full benefits
  • Create repeat customers
  • Generate surcharge revenue
  • Opportunity to sell other services

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