Start an ATM Business of your own

Start, Build and Successfully Manage an ATM Business with help from Best Products

Do you want to start an ATM business of your own? Are you a self starter? Do you know businesses that could benefit from ATMs? Do you know businesses that have ATMs but are not happy with their current ATM Provider? Since 1998 Best Products has helped hundreds of people, start an ATM business, manage, and run successful ATM companies, earning anywhere from several hundred dollars to ten’s of thousands of dollars every month.

Across the nation ATM transactions continue to rise and the industry is flourishing. Ever wonder why ATM’s are so popular? Better yet, ever wonder how you can capitalize on their success? With help from Best Products, you too can start an ATM business and producing your own revenue stream has never been easier!

Best Products is here to help you effectively and profitable start an ATM business successfully. From sales and leasing, placements or conversions, with our knowledge and expertise you too can successfully start an ATM business of your own.

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What is the ATM Business?

Very simply, you purchase ATMs and place them at suitable locations. You are responsible for finding the locations. Best Products will give you recommendations, ideas and share our knowledge with you in doing so. We recommend locations such as bars and restaurants, gas stations with convenience stores,  retail stores, pharmacies, shopping malls, bowling allies, and locations with lotto, etc. You load the ATMs with your money and you earn the surcharge revenue. The average surcharge varies from $1.50 to $3.00. Normally you will share a small portion of the surcharge income with the location owner each month. The average ATM investment is around $4000 per ATM including vault cash. On average, ATMs generate between $200 – $750 in surcharge income each month.

How Can Best Products help you?

Lots of factors come into play that can make or break an ATM business. Like real estate, location is everything. Best Products will share our experience with you in finding suitable locations for your ATM. You will be paired with a dedicated account manager who will guide you along the way and share their knowledge and experience with you. Best Products will give recommendations, tips, contracts, and share a wealth knowledge with you. Our success depends on your success.

Program Summary

  • Experienced account managers who know the ATM business inside and out are here to help you every step along the way
  • Free 24/7 monitoring and reporting
  • Toll free customer support
  • Nationwide service coverage
  • Buying Power for lowest processing costs and equipment costs -Our size is your strength
  • Your choice in processing platforms with full reporting


manage an atm business

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