In the rapidly evolving financial landscape, Independent ATM deployers (IADs) face a variety of unique challenges and opportunities. Partnering with the right company can be the difference between success and failure in this competitive and mature market. In our 26 year history, Best Products has emerged as a preferred partner for IADs across the US offering a comprehensive suite of services and benefits that cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

Just the Right Size

Its important to distinguish what we are not. We are not owned by stockholders. We are not owned by private equity. We are not owned by an Armored Carrier. We are not a spin off of another larger business.

We are a family owned and operated ATM Company. Just like you.

As you know, family businesses are known for their personalized touch in dealing with clients, partners, and employees. If you are like us – your clients are your livelihood. They mean everything to you.

This personal approach often translates into a deeper understanding of and commitment to customers’ needs and preferences. Unlike “the big guys” where processes can be rigid and decisions can take days, weeks, months – if they get back to you, family businesses tend to be more flexible and responsive. Family businesses have a “whatever it takes, get it done” attitude. In our opinion – this is crucial to success and really what separates us from the big guys- where decisions are only driven by bottom line profits. Agility allows us to adapt quickly to market shifts or unique client requirements, providing a level of service that is both efficient and customized.

We value good customer service over bottom line profits.

We also deliver substantial scale in various areas: from processing and equipment sales to service capabilities. This scale becomes your advantage. Larger operations benefit from economies of scale, reducing our costs compared to smaller entities. We then share these cost savings with our partners.

Choice in Processing Platforms

In the world of ATMs, one size doesn’t fit all. Best Products understands this and offers processing platforms from what we feel are the two most reliable platforms; Switch Commerce and Columbus Data Services (CDS). Choice enables our processing partners to choose a platform that best fits their needs and their customer requirements.

In our opinion, both platforms are the most stable (have the least down time). Both have strengths and of course weaknesses. If you are unsure, we recommend speaking to our experts and getting a demo of each. If you are considering a portfolio conversion, we are happy to let you test drive both. Unlike one of the largest ISO’s in the US- we also give you a direct integration to the processors website. Meaning you are not going through a third party to connect.

We believe that complete transparency is critical in an industry with so much smoke and mirrors.

Better Pricing on ATM Hardware

Cost efficiency is key in the ATM business. Best Products excels in providing competitive pricing on ATM hardware. By partnering with us, IADs gain access to substantial discounts versus buying direct from manufacturers. We also offer substantial discounts over the “big guys”. Pricing that is significantly lower than our already low online pricing. Our economies of scale translate to a substantial savings versus buying direct or through another ISO.

Additionally we also offer credit terms to our preferred processing partners and payment plans.

We are here to grow our processing base- not make a small fortune on hardware.

Lower Processing Rates

We do not charge processing fees for ATM companies.

If you are an ATM company, IAD, etc.- you get 100% of the surcharge from day 1. This has always been our policy, and we plan to keep it that way. There are no hidden fees. No connection fees, no minimum charges. Nothing.

Once your business starts to grow, or if you show a potential for strong growth early on, we also give you keep 100% of the interchange fees. This is the money we, as an ATM Independent Sales Organization (ISO), earn. When you get 100% of the surcharge and 100% of the interchange, we then asses what’s known as a buy rate or driving fee. The more transactions you process with us, the lower your driving fee. This means you get to keep more of the interchange revenue. This is the same way we pay our processing platforms – Switch Commerce and CDS.

We understand how crucial it is for ATM companies to save every penny to grow and succeed. High processing fees can heavily eat into the profits of an ATM operator. That’s why Best Products offers exceptionally low processing rates, as low as $0.045 cents on Gross Interchange. It’s worth noting that nearly 99% of our competitors, even those in buying groups, can’t match our low rates. Be weary – some of their buy rate assessments are off of Net Interchange, not Gross.

It’s a straightforward approach: the less you pay in processing fees, the more net profit you earn. And when your net profits increase, your chances of growing also go up. As your business expands, so does ours. The more we expand, the more savings we can pass on to customers like you.

Comprehensive Value-Added Services

Beyond the basics mentioned above, Best Products offers an impressive suite of value-added services that set us apart. Such as:

We’re here to listen, and help you grow

Considering launching or expanding an ATM business? With our roots in the ATM sector dating back to 1998 and experience in cash handling since the early ’70s, we’ve built a wealth of knowledge. While we don’t claim to have all the answers, our commitment is to assist you in achieving the greatest success possible, with no strings attached. We offer complimentary guidance, regardless of whether you’re our customer or not. You’re always welcome to get in touch.

Engaging in discussions, learning, and sharing advice is something we genuinely enjoy.

Referral Programs/ Partnership Opportunities

We’re Partners – Not Competitors

Virtually every day- we get leads from businesses looking to have an ATM placed at their establishment. Our focus is growing our partnership base, direct merchant sales and financial institutions deployments. That’s it. We are not focused on deploying our own placements. We give those away leads for placement ATMs free of charge. Yes you read that right. We give leads away. Free!

We do not ask for a referral fee. We do not ask for surcharge or interchange share. We just ask that you do right by the people that found us, and we set you up with. No strings attached!

We are also always looking to grow our service arm. If you are interested in doing service/ installs for us- please get in touch!

Month to Month Processing Agreements

By federal law- any business entity involved in the transfer of funds between one bank to another – needs to have some sort of agreement in place. Any “internet guru” who tells you otherwise is 100% misinformed. This is nothing more than sales scare tactics and bad advise. Also- the majority of banks – require a processing agreements. They typically ask for one annually and almost always ask for one when opening an account. So you are going to need one.

With that in mind, we offer a month-to-month processing agreement for Independent ATM Deployers (IADs). Entering into a processing agreement shouldn’t feel like an overwhelming commitment. Designed with fairness in mind, our agreement aims to be mutually advantageous, clearly delineating both your obligations and those of your Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs). By opting for a month-to-month duration, we provide the utmost flexibility within the constraints necessary to maintain such an agreement, thereby offering you considerable latitude regarding the term length.

A Month to Month Agreement means we need to earn your business.

Vault Cash Management

Managing cash in ATMs is a significant operational challenge. Best Products offers vault cash management services, ensuring that ATMs are always adequately stocked and operational. This service reduces the burden on deployers and enhances customer satisfaction by minimizing downtimes.

Liberty X Bitcoin Integration

As cryptocurrencies gain popularity, offering Bitcoin transactions becomes a significant advantage. Best Products partners with Liberty X to enable Bitcoin transactions at ATMs, placing deployers at the forefront of this emerging market. In most states you can Buy and Sell bitcoin, just by signing up.

Wireless Modem Connectivity

Through our partners at DPL and Opt-Connect- Best Products offers a buying option and rental option. We also stock DPL modems – available to order with every ATM purchase. We provide volume discounts for hardware and cellular subscriptions.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

For deployers with ATMs in tourist-heavy or international areas, Best Products’ Dynamic Currency Conversion service is invaluable. It allows international cardholders to see transaction amounts in their home currency, enhancing user experience and potentially increasing transaction volumes if they opt to allow the conversion to take place at the ATM.

Surcharge Segmentation

Customizing surcharge fees based on location, or card type can significantly impact profits. Best Products provides Surcharge Segmentation tools, giving deployers the flexibility to optimize their fee structures.

Help Desk Support

M-F 8:30 AM to 5PM EST we have a full time team of dedicated professionals here to get your ATM up and running and keep it running. For those needing after hours support, after hours- our phone system automatically forwards all calls to our after hours help desk- which is staffed 24/7. After hours, simply call and press option 4. You will be automatically connected.

Additionally, for emergencies most of our IADs clients have access to their account managers cell phone for calls, texts and emails. We are virtually always accessible whenever you need us.

Pre-Program Equipment

For those looking to save some time and hassle, Best Products has the unique ability to pre-program Genmega and Hyosung brand equipment. We typically see smaller IADs take advantage of this service and larger IADs who are shipping ATMs out across the US. If not, we are always available over the phone to help you program your ATM at no additional charge- each and every time you purchase an ATM from us or are converting an ATM to us.

Access to Surcharge-Free Networks

Being part of surcharge-free networks can be a huge draw for customers. It increases foot traffic. Best Products grants EASY access to these networks, enabling deployers to attract a broader customer base. We use it ourselves as a traffic driving program- some location owners prefer this versus a traditional revenue share.

Service & Parts Sales

We offer nationwide ATM service including installations. De- installations. First Line Maintenance (FLM) and Second Line Maintenance (SLM).

Portfolio Management

Thinking of retiring? Want to just find locations? Want to just vault ATMs? Never want to do another repair again? Best Products can help with one or all of the above.

Never Settle For Anything Less than Best

Choosing the right partner is critical in the ATM business, and Best Products offers a compelling combination of technical versatility, economic benefits, and value-added services. Our comprehensive approach caters to the diverse needs of ATM deployers, positioning us as a preferred choice in the industry. By partnering with Best Products, deployers can not only expect to enhance their operational efficiency and profitability but also stay ahead in a market that is constantly evolving.

If you are starting an ATM business or an industry veteran, we are happy to provide you with a free consultation to asses your needs and provide a customized quote.

Call today to schedule your free consultation at 877-663-6128 or email us at