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SDM 100

Small Deposit Module SDM 100

High performance small size notes deposit unit for front office and back office. Optimal solution for small and medium size shops, gambling halls, chemist’s, tobacconist’s, cinemas, public transport companies, gas stations,…

The SDM 100 is perfect for most small businesses or chain stores. WIth its 50 note capacity hopper, and processing speed of 2 notes per second, the SDM 100 is a practical and economical solution. The SDM can be configured to store the deposited currency in a canvas bag or it can heat seal plastic bags for added security. The SDM can have multiple users, and can be linked to your CIT or bank of choice for immediate credit. Stores between 1,500 notes (plastic bag) or 3,000 notes (canvas bag).


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SDM 100

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