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Hyosung 8300I ATM

Cash recycling is available today! Hyosung is the cash recycling innovation leader offering a full line of cash recycling products to support your branch transformation needs. Hyosung has proven technology and has been deployed in thousands of branch locations worldwide to date. The MX8300I enables customers to choose how they want to interact with your financial institution. A robust set of transactions greatly improves the limited traditional ATM experience through Hyosung’s industry-leading core integration solutions, either autonomously or with on-demand video assistance. The MX8300I gives financial institutions the ability to offer full functionality including cash recycling and check deposits including withdrawal denomination selection powered by today’s latest recycling technology. Learn why large and small financial institutions continue to standardize on the 8300 series helping make Hyosung the fastest-growing ATM company in the United States.

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  • INDUSTRY-LEADING RECYCLING Increases availability due to fewer cash-in-transit replenishment’s, delivering cost savings, efficiency, and security. Customer deposits replenish the ATM and extend cash-in-transit cycle.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN Sleek LCD display providing intuitive customer experience using LED label aids and guides. Upgradeable path to video banking and palm vein identification.
  • HIGHEST AVAILABILITY Innovative modular design and the use of Hyosung’s manufactured core technologies allows for fast, easy replenishment and reduced downtime. The MX8300I is designed to provide reliability that is unequaled in the market, with minimum maintenance and maximum up-time.
  • CAPACITY High capacity, cash recycling capability and the ability to support large volume transactions and denomination selection.

Hyosung 8300I ATM

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