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Nautilus Hyosung 8100 ATM

Introducing a New Kind of Full Function ATM – The Cash Recycling MicroATM

The future of ATMs technology is today. The 8100 QTN by Nautilus Hyosung is an industry game changer. The number one most sought out feature of any ATM is a small footprint. Well the 8100QTN is just that. With a footprint only 20″ wide and 30″ deep – the Hyosung 8100QTN is sure to fit in almost any space. The 8100QTN features cash recycling technology. Meaning that cardholders cash deposits, are  re-dispensed as cash withdrawals. Built on the bulletproof MS500 platform- with thousands in operation over the last  decade – Hyosung has married their tried and true cash recycling technology with their tried and true ATM technology – creating the perfect blend of self service convenience. The 8100QTN featuers a check acceptor as well, completing the total package. The Hyosung 8100QTN is available in multiple configurations- to fit your exact branch requirements.

What do the experts at Best like about the Hyosung 8100QTN?

We feel this is certainly going to be a value added ATM to the branch, but we also feel this would be a great ATM for off premise deployments. With Cash Recycling technology- this ATM should cost less to operate- since it will be partially “loaded” by cardholders. It is also expected to cost less than a traditional full function ATM, since it does not have a separate cash/ check module adding to the cost. With one module doing all the note processing, and a separate check acceptor module- they have in effectiveness- removed one module. So now 2 modules are doing the processes of what was previously 3.

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Weight 992 lbs
Dimensions 30.4 × 20.5 × 51 in

Nautilus Hyosung 8100 ATM

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