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Genmega Nova ATM Machine

Call 877-663-6128 to order your Genmega Nova ATM Machine! FREE Shipping, FREE Processing, FREE Signage, FREE 24/7 Monitoring & FREE Tech Support, FREE Web Access, 2 Year Warranty + Month to Month Contract!

New for 2023! Introducing the Genmega Nova to the product line. The Nova is now available for pre-sale. Machines will begin shipping early to mid April 2023. Introduced at the 2023 ATMIA in New Orleans. Its always exciting in our industry when manufacturers release new products, and the Genmega Nova will not disappoint! This machine is built on the chassis of the G2500 and Onyx, and utilizes most of the same components. So if you have a fleet of Genmega ATMs already- other than the exterior bezel and display- the parts will be interchangeable. The most striking feature of the Genmega Nova ATM machine is the display. Its a whopping 17″ Diagonal – true touch screen. This is the largest ATM display in its class. A display of this magnitude is usually found on $40,000 + Financial ATMs. We love it!  We have Genmega Novas on order- check back for a more detailed write up and tour first thoughts!

What’s really great about this machine is that it is jam packed with standard features. Features that our customers ask us for daily. It’s available with all the normal Genmega Cash Dispenser options. So 1K, 2X1K, 2K, 3K, 4K. Its available in a Level 1 vault. It comes standard with a Gencam. It comes standard with a 3″ receipt printer. It comes standard with a 17″ Portrait Touch Screen Display. It comes standard with LED indicator lights that will really attract card holders. It comes standard with an EMV Card reader and PCI Compliant EPP. Everything you could ever want in a retail box – this ATM has it. What makes this ATM even more attractive to IADs is its backwards compatibility. Most of the parts they used to build this came off the shelves of other models. Proven components mean more uptime.


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Windows CE Platform 17″ Vertical Touch LCD Ethernet (SSL Support) PCI EPP TDES Compliant AP Software UL 291 business hour listed safe

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Weight 206 lbs
Dimensions 22.3 × 15.8 × 66.3 in

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Genmega Nova ATM Machine

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