Lido Beach, NY – Marvel Ice Cream gets a brand new Hyosung 4000W Wall Mount ATM. Best Products technicians installed it in early May before the season started for this cash only establishment. A month later the ATM is reported to be helping out their business in a tremendous way, by providing their customers quick, convenient access to cash. Check out the pictures or order your 4000W online today.

Wall Mounted ATM at Marvel Ice Cream- Lido Beach

The ATM which is located on the east side of Marvel is positioned for easy access and high visibility.

Wall Mounted ATM- Marvel Ice Cream

The Hyosung 4000W Wall Mounted ATM is weatherized- meaning it is able to handle rain, snow, and sun exposure.

Wall Mounted ATM- Close Up Marvel Ice Cream

A close up of the Hyosung 4000 W Wall Mounted ATM. Notice the through bolted additional bracing in RED.