At long last the Hyosung and Tranax 1500 EMV Upgrade kit is available!

Hyosung Tranax 1500 EMV Upgrade Kit

The Hyosung Tranax 1500 upgrade kit consists of a new display assembly, new CE board and IO board, the EMV card reader and wiring kit

EMV, short for Europay, MasterCard and Visa – mandates a world wide standard of chip based financial transactions. EMV eliminates the magnetic strip on cards and replaces it with a computer chip. ATM EMV improves ATM security for cardholders and ATM owners by reducing monetary losses resulting from counterfeit, lost and stolen ATM cards. Most European countries and Canada have been using EMV for years since EMV technology has been around since the mid 90’s. The US is far behind the eight ball. Click here for more information and important dates.

The Hyosung/ Tranax 1500 EMV upgrade kit consists of a EMV Card Reader, a Windows CE 6.0 mainboard and I/O board supporting the latest release of NH ATM application software, 5.7” Color LCD screen and function key assembly, which will support Win CE 6.0 advertising/screen graphics. TCP/IP Connectivity, Advanced Application Support, including Enhanced Standard 1 applications such as Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC), Support for six languages, and Digital receipt. A pre-requisite is the Triple Des EPP (Enter Key on Top Right).

hyosung tranax 1500 emv upgraded atm

The Hyosung Tranax 1500 EMV compliant ATM on site

Expect the typical Hyosung/ Tranax 1500 EMV upgrade to take approximately 45 minutes with reprogramming. Currently Hyosung is offering kits for a limited time at a reduced price. Best Products suggests that you do not delay in upgrading or replacing existing terminals. By delaying you are only putting yourself at risk for fraudulent transactions, and the cost to upgrade will only be going up at some point in the near future. Best Products currently has upgrade kits in stock for  common machine types and Best Products technicians have already started upgrading terminals.

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