Starting July 1, 2021- Genmega will be including their popular GenCam option with every ATM ordered for Free!

Read the Official Announcement from Genmega:

Here at Genmega, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our products without losing sight of what makes our partners successful. In 2015 we introduced GenCam, an affordable and reliable camera option for retail ATMs. In 2021 we are thrilled to announce that GenCam will ship standard on every ATM beginning July 1st at no additional cost. This little camera packs a punch, and we are excited to share it with every customer. 

If you are not familiar with GenCam, here are some of the features and benefits:

  • Camera Images constantly shown in lower left hand corner, deterring thievery and/or tampering with the ATM. 
  • Camera captures two images right after PIN Entry, and on money dispensed (on dispense transactions, only one image on PIN Entry with non dispense transactions, like balance inquiry and transfers)
  • The two images are then saved to the journal. Operators then can view the journal later with two images together.
  • Images will be able to be retrieved using GenRMS.
  • Images can be saved for 90 days.

Our thoughts?

We love when a manufacturer takes a great product and makes it better. In this case- they took all their machines and made them better! We love it, keep up the great work Genmega! Best Products is proud to be your partner!