With our owners 50 years of experience in cash automation products, Best Products is proud to recommend the Cassida Pro Series Zeus model as the top choice bill counter for financial institutions and cash intensive retail businesses.

Today, we are going to take a look at the critical factors to consider when choosing Cassida products in today’s market, and highlight six key advantages of the Cassida Zeus currency discriminators versus competitor brands.

Understanding Bill Counters

Bill counters, particularly advanced models known as currency discriminators, are pivotal in banks, credit unions, and high-volume retail environments for counting and sorting currency notes efficiently. These devices can accurately distinguish between different denominations, allowing for the processing of mixed bill stacks with ease. They provide a total count and breakdown by denomination, enhancing record-keeping and audit trails when paired with a printer. The Cassida Zeus model stands out by also bolstering counterfeit detection efforts, automatically redirecting suspect notes to a reject bin for uninterrupted counting.

Why Cassida Pro Series Zeus?

Since its inception in 2006, Cassida has emerged as a leader in the cash handling equipment sector, competing with renowned brands and continuously innovating. The Cassida Pro Series features advanced bill discriminators like the Zeus model, celebrated for its compact design, intuitive interface, and backed by a one-year warranty and expert support. Wittenbach endorses Cassida for these reasons, emphasizing the Zeus model’s efficiency and small footprint in your workspace.

Benefits of the Cassida Zeus Currency Discriminator

The Cassida Zeus boasts several features that set it apart:

  • Advanced Display and Interface: Features a high-definition LCD with customizable color settings and hot keys for quick mode changes.
  • High-Speed Processing: Capable of counting 800 to 1000 mixed bills per minute, accommodating various bill conditions without jams.
  • Versatile Counting Options: Offers multiple counting modes, including strap by number, amount, and denomination, enhancing efficiency for tellers and cash handlers.
  • Comprehensive Counterfeit Detection: Augments manual counterfeit detection tools by automatically sorting suspect notes, supporting a robust fraud prevention strategy.
  • Error Reduction: Minimizes human error through precise detection, ensuring valid notes are not rejected.

Community Endorsements

Experts and users alike praise the Cassida Zeus for its precision, security, and user-friendly experience. Its capabilities are well-documented across platforms, with reviews highlighting its quiet operation, two-pocket design for uninterrupted processing, and the overall enhancement it brings to cash handling environments.

Here’s a quick video of the Zeus in Action:


Best Products Sales & Service, Inc. emphasis on the necessity of reliable bill counters, combined with our expertise in cash automation, positions the Cassida Zeus as a key asset for your financial institution. We offer a comprehensive range of cash automation solutions, including Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) and coin sorting machines.

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