Teller automation is becoming more and more popular these days. Changes in consumer behavior, competitive forces, security concerns, and productivity enhancements are the major driving factors. But on a more personal side, ever talk to the branch staff? If you have these probably sound familiar to you…

Our tellers are constantly out of balance. At the end of the day, it takes us hours to track down the error if we can find it. If not it gets written up.

At peak times we can not keep up, then when the rush is over we are slow. It’s one or the other.

Customers complain about our long lines in our drive through or lobby and complain about our service

When the tellers are busy, the customer service reps appear slow. When the customer service reps are busy, the tellers can not help.

We try to offer incentivize our tellers to cross-selling, but our tellers say they don’t have enough time.

These are some of the most common complaints that bank branches have throughout the country. Best Products has been able to deliver dramatic results to about 45% of those we come in contact with. Every customer is unique, and Best Products has the widest array of teller automation solutions to solve these common problems. If there are issues you are facing in your financial institution that you would like to improve- we would love to help. Contact our automation experts at 877-663-6128 today.

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