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Glory WS 30 Automatic Coin Wrapper

New for 2017! Our best selling high volume automatic coin wrapper just got better! Simply pour in your coin, and let the wrapper do all the work! Designed for mid to high volume commercial coin processing, The Glory WS 30 Desktop Automatic Coin Wrapper is the most affordable and compact automatic wrapper in its class. Ideal for banks, department stores, supermarkets, vending companies, car wash or laundry operators, the Glory WS-30 bridges the gap between large scale automatic wrappers like the Laurel LAC 16 and manual wrappers like the Scan Coin SC360. The Glory WS 30 replaced the Glory WS 21. What makes the Glory WS 30 so unique is its size. It is a table top unit, similar in size to a computer printer or desktop copy machine. Even more important than size for most is its price point. This wrapper is about half the cost of a full size automatic wrapper- making it truly affordable to virtually every commercial money room.

The Glory WS 30 wraps at a maximum of 11 rolls per minute or be used to count only. The Glory WS 30 offers three presets of  unlimited, 500 or 1,000. It also offers a convenient user mode of any value from 1 to 99,999. Batch coin wrapping may also be set from 1 to 99,999. The coin hopper holds up to 1,000 loose dimes and the wrapped coin box holds up to 20 rolled dimes – the best in its class.




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Questions about this product? 1-877-663-6128

User-friendly interface – the LED display ensures user information is presented in a clear, easy-to-read format.

Large capacity hopper – holds up to 1,000 coins, which in turn means that larger batches of coin can be fed into the machine


Easy maintenance – designed to allow quick and easy access for routine user maintenance.


High speed processing – wrap coin at up to a maximum of 11 rolls per minute (coin diameter dependent)– the fastest processing speed for this class of device


Compact design – can be deployed into virtually any location that has a requirement to wrap coin.


Rejection capabilities Foreign objects, such as paperclips and buttons, are automatically off-sorted and sent to a dedicated reject box.

Glory WS 30 Automatic Coin Wrapper

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