Thinking of getting an ATM for your business without any upfront expense or risk? A free ATM placement could be the right fit for you.

What is a Free ATM Placement?

A free ATM placement is when an independent ATM company installs an ATM in your business free of charge. The ATM company maintains ownership of the machine and is also responsible for replenishing the vault cash. Free ATM placements are for well qualified locations and typically the location owner receives a portion of the surcharge income.

Is my Business Qualified?

When explaining what a “free ATM Placement” is – it is important to mention that an ATM placement is for qualified locations. Your daily foot traffic count, type of business, whether you accept cash or credit cards, hours of operation and location are all important factors that will help the independent ATM company determine if you are qualified for a free machine. We recommend that you provide as much honest information as possible when speaking with an ATM company. This will help them make the best decision and prevent them removing the ATM down the road if it fails to perform to their expectations.

How much will I Make?

The portion of surcharge you usually receive is dependent on monthly transaction volume, surcharge amount, the costs associated with vaulting, hardware expense, and communication costs. Normally the independent ATM company will have a set minimum number of transactions the ATM must do each month to make it profitable for them. 1/4 to 1/2 of profit would be considered normal for an above average performing ATM.

What is the location owner responsible for?

The location owner is responsible for providing an outlet, and approximately 2 x 2 square feet of good visibility floor space. If the location has internet, it is also recommended that the location allow the ATM company to hook up to their internet. It will not add any extra expense but will be more reliable than a wireless connection.  The ATM company is responsible for the ATM, the vault cash, any necessary upgrades, and repairs.

Who Normally Gets ATM Placements?

Most of our customers with ATM placements are typically absentee owners, large chains that do not want the responsibility, and customers with limited budgets or cash flow.

How Can I Get a Free ATM Placement for my business?

Contact Best Products today at 877-663-6128 and speak with our experts to help determine if your location is qualified. Already have an ATM and not happy? Contact Best Products as well.

Free ATM Placement