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Talaris Mach 6 Coin Counter/ Sorter/ Packager

Ease of use

Utilizing minimal counter or floor space, the Mach 6 can be accommodated into virtually any work environment. Its superior design offers functionality, efficiency and it’s ergonomically designed to enable fast processing or coin with minimal fatigue on the operator. Selectable bag stops with multiple total levels are easily accessed via a direct keypad. A two-line alpha-numeric LCD display clearly conveys operational messages at a glance. The Mach 6 features a lockout security function to protect vital operating information.

Coin detection

With the addition of the coin detection option, utilizing Talaris’ patented sensor technology; the Mach 6 becomes the ideal machine to assist in the rejection of intrusive or counterfeit coins. Coin detection increases accountability while maintaining the highest degree of accuracy.


The Management Information Control System (MICS) option provides three levels of memory and allows other media – such as checks, vouchers or bulk coin to be entered via keypad. Notes can be entered manually or automatically transferred if a note counter is interfaced, ensuring an audit trail. For applications where consumer coin counting is offered as a customer service, the Mach 6’s Fee Key enables either a whole value amount or fixed percentage to be automatically applied as a transaction fee.


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Talaris Mach 6 Coin Counter/ Sorter/ Packager

The Talaris Mach 6 is a medium use commercial grade coin counter/ coin sorter and coin packager and is fast, accurate and versatile, with best-in-class speed.

Optimal speed and accuracy

The simplicity of the patented Figure 8 technology provides optimal and accurate sorting at up to 3,000 coins per minute. This means Mach 6 is one of the fastest in its class.

Versatile options to meet your needs

Coins can be sorted into drawers or bags. The Coin Signature Detection System™ (CSDS) option checks coins four ways to determine authenticity, and rejects foreign coins and tokens that are not set up for counting. For streamlined communications and consolidated reporting, select a Mach 6 with the Management Information Control System™ (MICS). This will give you three levels of memory and the ability to manually enter values for other media, like checks and credit cards, into your totals. Select a model with RS232 to connect the Mach 6 to a printer to receive a printout of the count. For connectivity, choose a Mach 6 with RS232 and MICS to connect it with other counting equipment and cash settlement systems. If loss prevention is a priority, select the optional security stand.

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Talaris Mach 6 Coin Counter/ Sorter/ Packager

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