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Talaris Mach 12 Coin Counter/ Sorter

Unmatched throughput Throughput is the truest measure of productivity and can only be achieved when a coin counter runs uninterrupted. The Mach 12’s patented sorting system ensures trouble free operation and unrivalled performance. Ease of use An easy to read backlit graphic display provides clear function status and operational messages. Selectable bag stops, batch and grand totals are easily accessed via the direct keypad. Full travel keys enable easy and quick data entry. Patented quick release bag attachments make it easier and faster for operators to remove and replace bags as they fill. Designed for high volume applications For customers processing large volumes of coins, the Mach 12 has as standard an extra large inspection pan, enhanced sorter plate and hard disk plug. The Mach 12 ergonomic design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Keypad and printer are easy to reach yet out of the way of heavy coin bags. There’s a place to store pens, pencils, and clips and even a dedicated space to rest coin bags. Flexible With nine sorting positions the Mach 12 can assign more than one sorting position to a single denomination maximizing run time. Denomination and volume dependant, Mach 12 can be equipped to dual bag up to four denominations. Efficient The standard Management Information Control System (MICS) provides three levels of memory and allows other media – such as checks, vouchers or bulk coin to be entered via keypad. Notes can be entered manually or automatically transferred if note counter is interfaced, ensuring a comprehensive audit trail.


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Talaris Mach 12 Coin Counter/ Sorter

The Talaris Mach 12 is a high volume industrial grade coin counter and coin sorter that is fast, accurate and versatile, with best-in-class speed.

Optimal speed and accuracy

The simplicity of the patented Figure 8 technology provides optimal and accurate counting and sorting at up to 6,000 coins per minute. This makes Mach 12 Plus one of the fastest in its class. Versatile options to meet your needs Mach 12 is built with heavy duty counting and sorting components designed to tackle large sorting tasks in high demand applications where coin is sorted and counted into bags. To meet the demands of these environments and maximize efficiencies, models with multiple bagging of one denomination are also available. For streamlined communications, select a Mach 12 with the Management Information Control System™ (MICS). This will give you three levels of memory and the ability to manually enter values for other media, like checks and credit cards, into your totals. For connectivity, choose a Mach 12 with MICS to connect it with other counting equipment and cash settlement systems. RS232 is standard on Mach 12 Plus; this feature is required for integration and printing. Security doors can be added, if loss prevention is a priority.

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Talaris Mach 12 Coin Counter/ Sorter

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