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InstaChange Automatic Coin Dispenser

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The Talaris InstaChange automatic coin dispenser features enhanced technology that results in efficient and accurate coin dispensing. Revolutionary design An innovative design keeps moving parts to a minimum, resulting in lower cost of ownership and increased reliability. InstaChange’s unique shape also provides greater coin capacity and holds $150 in coin — more than any other coin dispenser in the industry. The design of InstaChange’s coin magazine makes for easy transport, storage and placement. Plus, InstaChange can be shared by two staff members. Intelligent functionality InstaChange automatically dispenses the correct amount of change back to your clients in the least amount of coin required. In addition, InstaChange will automatically substitute when a coin channel is low, and features visual and audible low coin level indicators. Easy to use and compact The top-loading magazine of InstaChange is stable and easily filled in its upright position with either loose or rolled coin. Every unit is shipped with common software drivers that will allow InstaChange to quickly integrate with most teller terminal and Point-of-sale systems in use today. InstaChange supports both RS232 and USB interface configurations.

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InstaChange Automatic Coin Dispenser

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