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Hantle 1700W EMV Upgrade Kit

Hantle 1700W EMV Upgrade kit for the US consist of:

EMV card reader, mounting bracket, assorted cables, and reset board. This upgrade is for Hantle or Tranax 1700W ATM machines that have the small card eject hole in the top bezel. EMV Upgrades will be required for all ATM processing in the US.

The Hantle 1700W EMV upgrade kit replaces the traditional magnetic card reader with an EMV and magnetic strip card reader. Upgrade kit should be installed by a certified Hantle or Genmega service technician. This kit will only work on 1700W machines. Please make sure you verify the correct model prior to ordering.

The Hantle 1700W EMV upgrade kit takes approximately 30 minutes to install. We recommend printing or downloading the journal prior to installing the upgrade. Due to increased demand for this product, please call us first prior to ordering to check inventory and availability.

Questions? Contact us at 877-663-6128


Questions about this product? 1-877-663-6128