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Billcon CCS-65 Coin Counter/ Sorter

Battery-powered back up memory protects this model from a momentary power loss or a decrease in voltage. Equipped with bag stop function, this model deposits a predetermined proximate number of coins into coin boxes or bags. Exact batch is available (for one denomination operation only). Interface RS-232C is available.


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Billcon CCS-65 Coin Counter/ Sorter

The Billcon CCS-65 Coin Counter/ Sorter features simple mechanisms for easy operation and maintenance, yet they are also able to sort 450 coins per minute.

They also offer advanced features such as push button function for quick access to selected and gross coin totals, and a photo sensor system for enhanced counting accuracy. Light weight and portable. Easy maintenance and cleaning. Memory keeps track of subtotals and final grand totals of each transaction. Easy to obtain total of each denomination by selection switches. Employs photo sensor for high accurate, rapid counting. JAM sensor to eliminate troubles.

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Weight 35.00 lbs

Billcon CCS-65 Coin Counter/ Sorter

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