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Benchmark Series 7 Cash Dispenser


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The Talaris Benchmark Series 7 quickly and accurately dispenses currency, which improves branch productivity and enhances customer service, while decreasing costs.

Protect your cash, staff and customers

The vault-level steel safe reduces cash exposure, while protecting your staff and your customers. The transaction area is more secure and an open branch banking or an open retail floor plan is possible with cash exposure nearly eliminated.

Improve transaction efficiency and enhance your staff and customer experience

Accuracy and speed are two components that create transactional credibility with customers. With a dispensing mechanism built for high volume, both in note mix and transactions, Benchmark provides this credibility. With three configurations, the 730, 750 and 750 Client Dispense, Benchmark Series 7 allows for multiple uses within the branch or store. Designed for low, medium and high volume applications, Benchmark enables an effortless transaction; allowing a more consultative conversation, while creating a better staff and customer experience.

Lower total cost of ownership

Benchmark Series 7 employs a dispensing mechanism built for high volume transactions. This results in greater equipment up-time, less service calls and better staff experience, as they continue assisting customers. Because Benchmark is purpose-built, it is one of the most reliable dispensers on the market. Coupled with Talaris' top rated service, it is the risk-free choice.

Increase frontline employee productivity

Processing and balancing time will improve between 30-50% by eliminating manual cash handling processes. This returned time can be used by frontline staff to focus their attention on customer service and revenue generating products. Vault-buys can be done easily and effortlessly as the dispenser allows for third terminal vault-buys and eliminates the need for dual control; freeing up staff to continue assisting customers.

Benchmark Series 7 Cash Dispenser

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